U.S. Lodging Strategic Insights Report

The lodging report outlined below is an example of the approach and content provided.

Critical questions facing hoteliers are answered in the U.S. Lodging Strategic Insights Report. This report provides a consumer based strategic overview of trends and forecasts for the lodging industry.

Market intelligence on guests' travel behavior to guide your executive team's critical strategic decisions in these highly competitive times.

  • How have travelers changed their behavior since the economic downturn?
  • When and if recovery comes what will drive it ... leisure, business, and components of each?
  • What is the impact on lodging segments of traveler trade-up, trade-down and trade out?
  • Which consumers are trading out of hotels; who are continuing to travel?
  • Are other lodging types replacing hotel stays?

The U.S. Lodging Strategic Insights report provides critical understanding of the impact on consumers lodging use during economic downturn and enables better decision making. Insights are provided on what happens to each lodging segment from luxury to budget, the impact on group business, transient business, and discretionary leisure, as the economy sputters.

Overall Travel Analyses

  • GDP and key economic indicators and U.S. hotel room-night demand
  • Demand forecasts for the next two years
  • Size (travelers and dollars), trend and share for all segments and subgroups
  • U.S. hotel room-nights vs. traveler demand
  • Length of stay demand (one night, two-four nights, five plus)
  • Hotel segment demand
  • Three segments: high end, mid-level and economy segments
  • Six sub-segments: luxury, upscale, upper moderate, moderate, lower moderate and budget segments
  • Generational demand (Millennials, Gen X, Boomers, Silent, GI Generation)
  • Lodging demand by quarter
  • ROI and consumer wallet analyses

Business Travel Analyses

All key measures above for business travel plus:

  • Conventions, small meetings and seminar demand
  • Transient business travel: sales, consulting, audits, constructions, etc.

Leisure Travel Analyses

All key measures above for leisure travel plus:

  • Vacations and weekend escape demand

  • Non-vacation leisure (convention, special events, VFR, personal)


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