DK Shifflet’s TRAVEL PERFORMANCE/Monitor℠ data allows you to profile and understand the travel characteristics of various types of visitors or guests to your (and your competition's) destination, lodging chain or other travel-related businesses (airlines, auto rental, theme parks and more).


Traveler profile data provides insight on the following:

The type of traveler

  • Business – total & nine subcategories (day or overnight)
  • Leisure – total & eight subcategories (day or overnight)
  • Who they are (demographics)
  • Where they come from (origin geography)
  • Where they stay (accommodation information)
  • What they do (activities)
  • How much they spend and on what
  • What they think of your destination/property 

For lodging, this can be analyzed by segment and rate paid with subcategories (STR categories also available):

  • High-end
  • Mid-level
  • Economy

For destinations, this can be analyzed by geography and spend levels:

  • State
  • MSA
  • City
  • Customized geographies

For more information about Traveler Profiles: