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DK Shifflet boasts the industry’s most complete database on U.S. resident travel both in the U.S. and worldwide. We collect data monthly from a U.S. representative sample, adding over 60,000 traveling households annually. We’re dedicated to providing the highest-quality travel and traveler research. And we have been since 1982.


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  • “I value the knowledge of the tourism industry that DK Shifflet brings to interpret the meaning behind the numbers and the quality of the data.”

  • “Your mindset as a researcher should be to provide your stakeholders with the most credible and defendable tourism measurements. A partnership with DK Shifflet will get you there from the outset.”

  • “What sets DK Shifflet apart is they really do appreciate you and value your business as a client.”

  • “When I think about what it means to have a reliable source of visitor insights based upon the kind of survey processes that marketers always need, but do not always get, I often come back to my experiences with DK Shifflet.”